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David Baumgartner

David joined Blue SkEye Aerial Media in October 2015 after a 4 year stint as the General Manager of a highly successful small business in Atlanta, GA. His passion for technology along with his love of the outdoors combined to create a fixation on all things drone related. 


David has an extensive background in business management and entrepreneurship. He earned his BA in History from the University of Florida. Since then, he has run several small businesses, was a Business Analyst for Discovery Channel, was a corporate trainer and a technical writer, been a game designer and Design Lead for multiple gaming companies, and consulted for the United States Air Force.
His eclectic career is mirrored by the varied places he’s lived across the United States including: New York, Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, San Diego, and Atlanta. This has given him the opportunity to experience the grand beauty of America and has given him an eye for capturing it.


David is an avid gamer and fan of music and art festivals. He loves to indulge his passions of UAVs, flying, and exploring the almost limitless possibilities of modern aerial media.

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